Many of our customers require storage either long or short-term storage. Some are just moving into a temporary home. Some are waiting for their new home to be ready. Some things simply might not fit into their new homes. Regardless, Prime Meridian Moving has the Storage solution for you.

Before considering self-storage or portable containerized storage, you might want to consider Prime Meridian. If regular access is important, self-storage might be a better option, but for most other customers, Prime Meridian can offer advantages that the others can’t.

Our storage is temperature controlled – protecting your furniture from temperature related damage. We are 100% pest free. For many storage facilities, a garage door is all that protects you from the microscopic world. It can offer good security from human sized intruders, but with New York’s bed bugs, roaches and rodents, a more secure environment is recommended. We have 24 hour alarm monitoring. Only authorized personnel can access our facility. All furniture will remain wrapped in blankets and plastic while in storage. We keep a complete inventory of every item in our storage. We guarantee that no item will go missing or be damaged while it’s in our storage.

Your choice of moving insurance coverage will cover storage.


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