The most time consuming and the most important part of any move is the packing. Done correctly, your belongings will be able to withstand any distance. Done incorrectly, it can be very expensive.

Prime Meridian provides options that will help ensure a safe move for your belongings, no matter who packs. We offer the full range of packing and crating services to suit any move and any budget.

Many customers choose our White Glove Service. Sit back, relax and let us take care of everything, including the unpacking!

Some prefer to pack the simpler things, such as books and clothing. Some like to pack everything. No matter what you choose, Prime Meridian can provide packing materials and packing tips to ensure that your possessions arrive in pristine condition.

Prime Meridian offers the finest in crating services for precious artwork and large fragile items.

If you decide to pack for a portion or for your entire move, here are some tips:

Every item must be protected. The movers will wrap all furniture, but all smaller items must be packed, including electronic equipment, lamps, artwork, mattresses and box springs. Prime Meridian can provide you with all of the boxes, packing paper and tape you will need. We will even deliver them for free!

Note: The mover should not move certain items, such as jewelry, valuable papers, money, cleaning supplies, and flammable items. Movers cannot move plants across many state lines.

How many boxes should I buy?

Each move is different, but on average, you will need between 20 and 30 boxes per person. One roll of tape will seal approximately 15-20 boxes.


Each book box holds approximately one shelf full of books. You can also use them to pack DVDs, CDs and albums. Do not try to pack books in larger boxes. The weight will compromise the integrity of the box and make it very difficult to carry. Secure the bottom and top of box well with tape.

Clothing, linens and light weight kitchen utensils:

Medium sized boxes are perfect for folded clothing, linens and other lightweight items. They will hold approximately 1-2 drawers of clothing.

Hanging clothes can be placed in wardrobe boxes. Simply loop the hanger over the bar inside the wardrobe box. Each box will hold approximately two feet of closet space. Shoes, pillows or comforters can be placed in the bottom of the wardrobe boxes. When taping wardrobe boxes, tape around the sides as well as on the top and bottom.

Dishware, glasses and other small, fragile items:

Always use large, double-corrugated dish boxes. Line the bottom of the box with a generous amount of crumpled up paper. Wrap each item individually. Lay a single layer down and add another layer of crumpled paper. Never place one breakable item on top of another. Continue layering until the box is almost full and add one additional layer of crumpled paper. Before sealing, close the box, pick it up and gently shake. If there is movement in the box, add more paper.


Pictures that are less than 18″ can be packed in dish boxes. Pictures that are between 18″ and 48″ should be packed in picture boxes. Line the bottom of the box with paper. Place the picture inside and completely fill the box with paper. It’s advisable that paintings be wrapped in paper to prevent scratches. Framed posters can be packed two to a box, back to back with a thick layer of paper between them.


Remove the light bulbs and pack with fragile items. Lampshades can be packed in medium sized boxes. Surround the lampshades with paper, both inside and out, to maintain the shape. Lamps can be packed in lamp boxes.


It’s always best to pack electronics in the original packaging, but if that’s not possible, pack each item separately, using bubble wrap. Mark the wiring with different colored electrical tape and pack with the item. Check manufacturer instructions for packing tips on that particular item.


Mattress boxes can be purchased from Prime Meridian, but the boxes are very large and cumbersome. Most people let the movers pack them. Mattresses should be packed to prevent dirt and damage. Label and inventory each box.


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