Commercial Moves

Moving a business is very different from moving a residence. Most movers specialize in one but not the other. Prime Meridian Moving was established with a unique expertise in each.

When moving a business, down time can mean a loss of revenue and a loss of customer confidence. Prime Meridian knows the importance of working around the schedule that will keep your business up and running. Each move requires planning. We will familiarize ourselves with the layout of each building well before the move. We will discuss your business’s specific needs. Do you need us to pack your computers? How about the contents of people’s desks? Are there cubicles to disassemble and reassemble? Does your move need to take place after hours or on weekends?

Once we have gathered all the tactical information, we will assign the appropriate crew, the right number of trucks. The crew leader will walk through the move a few days prior. We will label every piece of furniture and equipment, so your new office will be arranged to your specifications.

Contact one of our commercial move consultants. They will walk you through the process, helping determine the options that will work best for your business. When you relocate your business with Prime Meridian Moving, our number one priority is ensuring your business!


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