International Moves

A growing international economy has created an expanding need for international moves. Overseas moves are both the most exciting and the most challenging. Preparing your household for a move that spans oceans as well as continents requires special packing, special paperwork, passports, visas and customs.

It would be nearly impossible for a customer to move his or her own household goods. That’s why when choosing an overseas mover, you choose a mover that you can trust.

Prime Meridian’s movers have been preparing for overseas moves for decades. We know the importance of securely packing each and every item, from your tiniest knick-knack to grand pianos. We are expert at paperwork, providing a clear and smooth passage through customs. We are fluent on each country’s legal restrictions. We know which ports offer the most convenient service.

Prime Meridian doesn’t leave your move at the port. We supervise your move from pick up all the way until it’s delivered and unpacked in your new home.

Call us for advice on your overseas journey.


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