Real Property Management Las Vegas

Real Property Management Las Vegas

Our most important job is maximizing the income for our clients. We keep that in mind as we handle our day-to-day activities. Our real estate property management company has studied the market, and they know the ideal rent for your property and the best rent increase amount. Allow us to determine the fair market rent for you. We come packed with written rental standards that help us find the right tenant for your rental property.


We are dependable. We have a 24-hour emergency response for all and any maintenance issues. Our rental information is available 24 hours for potential renters looking for vacancies. Residents are allowed to view vacant properties anytime.

We track all the maintenance done on your property. We know what we ordered previously, where it came from, the price and who handled it. We customize our maintenance response to cater to your needs. Our vacancies are advertized so that your property does not remain vacant for long. Property signage, websites, social media, internet listing, and text vacancy listings are some ways we ensure you match with qualified tenants.

Our broker & property agency supports an entire service application processing department, leasing agents, accounting department, assistant property managers, and a maintenance department. This enables them to collect rent, protect you from liability and keep constant communication with you.

Licensed and Accredited

We are certified property managers and belong to the institute of real estate management and the national association of residential property managers. Our rental property management company is accredited with designation certified residential management. As members of NARPM, we have access to other firms in the same business, and using the same methods, we can borrow the best ideas across the country and implement them for you.

Community Driven

We are a community-oriented housing rental company, and we have organized several charity events since 2010. We have raised more than $500,000 to give back to our society. We have done local and international charity drives to help improve local health centers start rehabilitation and recreational center for our community. We are advocates for green energy and keeping our environment clean.


We are passionate about our jobs, and that is why we make ourselves readily available for all of our clients. We are honest, and we have excellent organizational skills and time management. Our years of proven qualified experience are proof that we know what we are doing. We genuinely care about our tenants and landlords. We take care of the properties under our care as if they are our own and offer personalized services. From us, expect impeccable communication, unwavering professionalism, and integrity.

Knowledgeable and Family-Oriented

Our real estate agent in the Las Vegas office has a shop front location where you can walk in for inquiries anytime. Our extensive knowledge of the market and the local area ensures that we give you accurate market updates and pricing. We are not only focused on collecting rent for you, but we also ensure that you do not have to worry about your property and any legalities when dealing with tenants.

We have a stable and reliable long-term staff team as a family business. Our additional staff in the property management department and other departments have become family. We treat our clients and tenants as part of our ever-growing family.

Alternative real estate is your premier provider of property management services in Las Vegas, NV. Please call us today at 702-745-1205 to sign up.

Real Property Management Las Vegas
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Real Property Management Las Vegas
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