personal storage in Queens

Some of the national storage units can be a bit pricey. Prime Meridian Moving offers personal storage in Queens at a fraction of what other self-storage facilities cost. These larger personal storage companies tend to offer lower prices to lure their customers in, only to raise the price of storage each succeeding year, knowing that the customer is more likely to bite the bullet and pay the extra fees than to incur the hassle of moving everything into a new storage facility. We don't operate that way!

What Can I Use Prime Meridian Storage Vaults for?

Prime Meridian personal storage vaults are an ideal solution for people who are experiencing life changes. All of our customers are different, and they all have their own reasons for utilizing our personal storage space in Queens. Here are some examples of the kinds of customers we have and the needs they bring to personal storage:

College Students

Going away for a semester or a period of time means relocating, but most people don't want to get rid of their stuff or continue to pay rent for an apartment simply to house their stuff while they're away. At the same time, they don't want to burden their friends or family by asking them to keep their belongings while their away either. Personal storage is the perfect option for such individuals.

Corporate Offices

Indeed, at Prime Meridian, many of our customers aren't individuals at all. They're corporations. Whether you're a small office in Queens or a large office in a Manhattan skyscraper, having a place to store all of your unused IT equipment, files, stationery, and excess furniture can greatly declutter your office space and enhance productivity. Our climate-controlled personal storage vaults come in many sizes, and we offer month-to-month storage options.


Whether a homeowner is moving into a new place and can't bring everything with them or they want to declutter their current residence for a more productive showing, personal storage space can solve the problem. Many homeowners inherit belongings from a deceased benefactor and don't have room to store it in-home. These precious items need to be kept in a safe and secure place, and our personal storage vaults in Queens provide the ideal location.

Why People Choose Prime Meridian for Personal Storage in Queens

Of course, there are many other kinds of people and reasons why personal storage space can add value. More people choose Prime Meridian for personal storage in Queens because we provide CASS personal storage - Clean, Affordable, Safe, and Secure!

Clean: Our clean and sterile storage facilities means no bed bugs, cockroaches, or soil on your belongings.

Affordable: Our prices are the lowest in the area for personal storage.

Safe: Our climate-controlled storage vaults are free from danger or risk. Plus, Prime Meridian is fully insured for our customer's protection.

Secure: Our personal storage vaults can only be accessed by you. We employ security guards to monitor our facilities after hours.

personal storage in Queens
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personal storage in Queens
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