Ontario farm mortgages

How to Get Started Investing in Ontario Farm Mortgages:

There's never been a better time to invest in first and second farm mortgages. Farm Lender is currently offering Canadian residents the rare opportunity to invest in local farm projects with high returns. If you're like a lot of investors, you may be looking for a safe investment opportunity that enables you to put your money into something you can actually see and feel. Unfortunately, most investments don't come with that type of security. The good news is that real estate investments do.

When you invest through Farm Lender, you'll be lending money to local farmers by providing them with the opportunity to purchase real estate- a tangible form of collateral you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands. If you're interested in finding out more about the benefits and advantages of investing through us, you can schedule a telephone call or meeting with us to discuss your objectives in lending. We'll provide you with additional information to help you make the right decision with regard to Ontario farm mortgages.

The private agricultural mortgage sector is one that is growing tremendously in our area- and for good reason. Private mortgage investment opportunities have increased in popularity due to the high yield made available to investors- typically 8-10% or first mortgages and up to 15% for second mortgages. If that sounds like something you might be interested in getting involved in, give us a call at 888-393-8686 and ask to speak with an investment specialist from our firm.

Farm Lender has been producing excellent returns for our private mortgage investors for 20 years. It should come as no surprise to investors that a firm with a reputation in the community such as ours should be meeting the needs of both investors and farmers in a unique and reliable manner. We have a commitment to the farming community that runs deeper than what you'll find from other lenders. We're dedicated to ensuring Canada as a leader in sustainable agriculture practices that are able to compete in the global market.

Are you looking for an investment opportunity that puts more control in your hands and less risk? Become a lending partner through our firm and you'll decide who you'll lend to and what type of terms and conditions will apply. Our investors tell us they feel more comfortable being able to make the critical decisions with lending, and we're happy to make that happen for them.

To minimize risk, we recommend our investors lend only up to 65% of the property's value on first mortgages and up to 75% of the value on second mortgages. If it sounds like a complicated process, don't worry- we'll simplify the lending process for you and help you manage your investment from start to finish. As we take on the role of ‘go-between' for investors and borrowers, we exist as a continual support staff for our partners, helping to manage Ontario farm mortgages provided through our firm.

Ontario farm mortgages

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