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A long-distance move usually means new beginnings for the person or company who is moving. There is often a lot of excitement that goes into a long-distance move, but it usually doesn't take long for that excitement to turn into overwhelming stress! Depending on a variety of factors, including how far you are moving, whether or not you have children, and if you are transferring jobs, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the mere number of tasks that you have on your hands. Fortunately, Prime Meridian Moving is here to help.

Let Prime Meridian Moving Help with Your Long-Distance Move

We take the stress out of long-distance moving so that our clients can focus on getting settled into their new places. We know that you have enough to do as it is, so we're glad to assist!

If you were to do everything on your own, you would likely have to find people to help you move, rent a truck, pack everything yourself, disassemble furniture, move appliances, unpack, and get set up all by yourself. You may even have to find storage facilities for your excess belongings. Well, Prime Meridian Moving takes care of all these details for you, so you don't have to be burdened by them.

We Can Help You Pack

We'll coordinate with you up to the day of the move to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We can provide you with your needed moving materials, including boxes, wrap, padding, and other goods. We'll even help you pack and unpack if you'd like. A lot of long-distance moving clients are people with limited mobility or individuals who just don't have time to do it all themselves. In any case, we are glad to help.

We can help with small items, large items, sensitive items, or any other items that need packed.

Our Moving Service is Fast and Efficient

Because we send a team of movers to your home or business, and because our team is highly experienced in moving, we are able to make quick work out of even the biggest jobs without sacrificing quality and without being careless and damaging your goods. We handle our clients' goods before, during, and after the move with extreme care - the same that we would if we were moving our mothers.

Prime Meridian Moving is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

We won't send anyone to your home or establishment whom we wouldn't trust in our own. In the very rare event that something should go wrong during a move, we have full liability insurance. This way, you're completely covered should any of your belongings be damaged. Plus, we are licensed and certified with the state of New York, which means that you can trust us to behave ethically and appropriately at all times.

Contact Us

Contact Prime Meridian Moving if you need long-distance movers in NYC. We're happy to help you get from Point A to Point B safely.

Long Distance Movers Nyc
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Long Distance Movers Nyc
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