best NY to Florida moving company

Best NY to Florida moving company

People spend some part of their life moving from one place to another. So it stands to reason you have experienced this at least once in your lifetime. This is a disruptive endeavor that if not done right may cause ill feelings towards the movers or loss of property. We at Prime Meridian Moving have all your needs taken care of since we have been in this industry for decades now.

So if you are thinking of moving from NY to Florida you can rest assured that our company is the right fit for your relocation. Boasting with some of the world's picturesque beaches and home to Walt Disney World uprooting to Florida should be a no brainer.

We at Prime Meridian Moving have compiled a list of things to consider when deciding on the best movers.

Be sure not to pay a large deposit
Never pay upfront if you do always pay with a credit card in case you come across fraudulent activity. A reputable company accommodates you to the best of their ability to be vigilant who you hire and transact with.

Always make sure that correct inventory of your belongings is taken
When we come out we will take an accurate account of your inventory and what needs to stay or go. This a crucial part of the process which will save you time and headaches in the future. We will always be upfront with our estimates, we believe in being transparent.

Be wary of companies that switch names
You should always make sure that the company you deal with has a local address and telephone number. They should also have valid information about licensing and insurance. Some companies tend to avoid being assessed by the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) and as such, they do business under a variety of names. You can assure that we are above board and you will not run into any complications when dealing with us.

When the company does a walk through make sure they are thorough in taking the inventory
When you deal with an estimator who generally just browser's through what you plan on moving means that he will not note everything accurately. When we do a walk through we will always ask a lot of questions of what you plan on taking from this house to your next home. You must always be ready to tell the estimator exactly what you want to keep, what you want to stay, and what you will be using if you are intent on having a yard sale.

Get quality references from the movers you will hire

This is where we stand hands and feet above the rest. We here at Prime Meridian Moving work specifically with referrals and repeat customers. This should tell you a lot about our reputation and the customer satisfaction rate.
When dealing with movers always ask them to supply you with references. You need to tell them they should provide you with at least 4 people from your area whom they have worked with before. Your job then is to call them and get a good picture as to what the services to movers provide are.

best NY to Florida moving company
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best NY to Florida moving company
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